Mobile Website Design Considerations

Thinking about taking your website mobile? Mobile website design is certainly the way to go but it does present specific challenges. For instance, one mobile website visitor may have an iPhone, another may have an Android, and a third may be viewing your website on a Tablet PC. To further complicate matters, each of these […]

Mobile Website Design

In this internet driven world, people are spending more time on their mobile phones and other mobile devices. According to some projections, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop usage before 2015. In preparation for this fast growing market, companies are starting to develop new mobile website design strategies, mobile platforms, and marketing efforts. Mobile Website Design […]

What is a Content Management System

So what is a content management system? A content management system (a.k.a. CMS)  is a software solution that provides website content editing. It utilizes administration tools designed to allow users with little or no knowledge of website design to create and manage website content. In most cases, if a user is familiar with programs like […]

URL Structure Usability

As you may or may not know, URLs are the structure that search engines use as the identifier of a specific document in their database. Not only that, but it provides an idea to the content relevancy in rankings.

What Makes a Great Website

There are certainly several standards to define this and one could write a book on the subject (any many have). To define it more briefly, however, I have broken it down to a few key areas. A lot of people have tried to describe greatness with too many detailed and confusing factors but in my […]

Page Speed and Optimization

Speeding up your website is important but not just to the website owner but to anyone who uses the internet. A faster site creates happy users and visitors. Everyone knows that if a website is slow to respond, people will be far less likely to spend time there.

WordPress Design Services

Web Considerations specializes in the development of WordPress theme designs and works to ensure that your new design will be unique and that no other website or blog will share the same design created for you.

Custom Website Design

OK… so you don’t want a WordPress theme design. No problem, you can also get a highly functional custom website design providing easy navigational menus and varying page layouts that will impress all of your website visitors.

Our Definition of Design

From most users’ perspective, there are two basic elements that would define a “good” website design: usability and how it is presented. That is the effectiveness of the functionality, efficiency and visual appeal. Some designers get too caught up in the presentation, flashy animations and cool graphics and let the usability go by the wayside. […]

Cross Browser Testing – A Key Component

When designing a website, there are many factors that come into play that most people, including a lot of “website designers” do not consider. That primarily being how a website functions in various browser platforms, Meaning, just because the website looks good in Firefox and Chrome, does not mean it looks good in Internet Explorer […]

Hands On Web Design

When I first started out in website design in 2006, I had no idea what I was about to get into. My original thought was just to put something together and run it off an IIS server in my basement – just to see if I could do it. I had no idea what each step I […]

Defining CSS

What is CSS Exactly? Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS) is recognized as the recommended way to maintain the presentational level of a website document. The main and utmost important benefit of using CSS over presentational markup imbedded in HTML is that all styling can be kept separated from the content of the document. You can […]