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  1. What is Responsive Web Design

    Written by Web Considerations - Jun. 23, 2014
    What is Responsive Web Design
    It seems that practically every new client today wants a mobile friendly version of their website. If they don't bring up the topic, it doesn't take much more than a brief description explaining what is responsive web design to get them on board with the idea.  It would typically be important, to have a separate web design (or style-sheet) for the iPhone, one for the an Android, the iPad, the Kindle and etc. Keeping in mind, all screen resolutions must be compatible too. Over the next several years, there is no doubt that even more devices will come out that will also require a new web design. Will it...
  2. Outsourcing Website Management

    Written by Web Considerations - Jan. 07, 2014
    Outsourcing Website Management
    How many businesses have time to manage their own website effectively, make critical updates and enhance required features? Initially, keeping this type of work in-house does seem like the easier thing to do and may even seem the most cost-effective thing to do. Ultimately however, outsourcing website management could be the best decision you will ever make. Ease the burden of website maintenance by outsourcing.That is where Web Considerations can help. Let us manage your website as your outsourced service. We are experts in the field and can manage your website efficiently, effectively and a price lower than you...
  3. WordPress 3.7.1 with Automatic Updates

    Written by Web Considerations - Nov. 08, 2013
    WordPress 3.7.1 with Automatic Updates
    One of the best (and our personal favorite of all) blogging and content management system platforms, WordPress, has recently been updated with a new version. WordPress 3.7.1 is out and has new benefits and features including automatic updates.Towards the end of October, WordPress 3.7 was released. (As a side note, it was code-named “Basie” after jazz pianist Count Basie).  Then just a few days later, WordPress 3.7.1 was released on October 29th, 2013.As with countless others, we at Web Considerations are excited about the latest version as it does provide many new features that will be of great benefit to all: including...
  4. Managing WordPress Websites

    Written by Web Considerations - Jul. 17, 2013
    Managing WordPress Websites
    OK, you have a WordPress website and everything is going great. But with everything else you need to do to run a successful business, there just isn't enough time in managing WordPress websites efficiently. Between keeping up with WordPress versions, plugin updates, security, database backups and more; there never seems to be enough time.You should never forget, however, that it is very important to make sure you keep everything up to date to help prevent your website from being hacked. You should also be sure to have a way to quickly recover your website in the event your site is...
  5. Search Engine Penalty – It Happens

    Written by Web Considerations - Jun. 20, 2013
    Search Engine Penalty – It Happens
    OK... you are a web master or web designer who has spent many, many hours to build up your site and its ranking in the organic search results. Then one day, you have a shock when you login to your Google Analytics account and seeing a huge drop in traffic that indicates a search engine penalty.The reason for the drop in traffic doesn’t necessarily matter if it was a manual action taken by Google or if your website failed to meet the quality threshold imposed by a new and unexpected algorithm update. The most important factor is the potential...
  6. Selecting Domain Names

    Written by Web Considerations - Jun. 07, 2013
    Selecting Domain Names
    One of the most difficult parts when creating a new website design is selecting domain names.  If you are just starting out, keep in mind that selecting domain names is something that should be considered carefully. If you already have a website, it can also be difficult to transfer websites to new URLs (a.k.a. domain name); given the potential SEO losses that could occur by doing so. It is vital that you get things right from the start.When considering the endless number of available and already registered domain names, it really doesn’t help ease the selection...

Take Your Website Design Responsive

Over the last few years, more and more internet users are accessing their favorite website and applications via a mobile device instead of a standard computer. With all the competition most business owners face, it is an important fact they must capture and hold their clients and prospective clients attention.

Is your website helping you doing that? Is it "responsive"? That means, does your website adapt to the size of the device that it is being view on such as a iPad, iPhone, SmartPhone or standard computer.

If not, contact us today and ask how we can help build a new, custom responsive website design for a price more affordable than you think.