WordPress Custom Menus Tutorial

WordPress Custom Menus Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn how to build custom menus in WordPress for navigating your website including drop down menus.

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WordPress Custom Menus Tutorial

Most WordPress Custom Menus will show in the header area at the top of your site (the main navigation area), though this location can vary from theme to theme. With some themes, you may have the option to create and display multiple custom menus in different places on your site, such as the footer or special sidebar areas.

In the menus sub panel, you have the ability to create one or more custom menus, to in your website’s main navigation, or even other areas in your website. Custom menus can contain links to individual pages, categories archives, or even external websites.

WordPress Custom Menu topics include:

  • Learn how to create a new custom menu.
  • Learn about adding pages, categories and custom links to your new custom menu.
  • Learn how to re-arrange menu items.
  • Learn how to creating nested, or drop-down menus.
  • Learn how to build multiple custom menus and why that is helpful.
  • Learn how to use the custom menu widget to add menus to your sidebar or footer.