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Introducing the Basic Build WordPress Theme

My name is Bert Hixson. I have been designing and developing websites since 2005. Specializing in WordPress, I have built 100’s of WordPress sites through my business at Web Considerations. I have also worked as a freelancer for other web design agencies and website providers, building highly functional, performance-based WordPress themes.

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With that said, I have developed a lightweight WordPress theme that makes building a WordPress website very easy. It works “somewhat” like a page builder by providing design and feature options, but it does not have performance issues that so many page builder themes do. Performance score comparisons are often 30+ percentage points higher. For one reason, theme scripts are only loaded if a specific option is selected. Page builders often load dozens of scripts on every page whether needed or not – which kills website performance.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro

The theme includes an ACF json file to build and style page items such as flex columns, carousels, slide shows, masonry layouts, accordion boxes, custom 404 error pages, page overlays, timelines, and more. As seen through this website.

Options are available to style elements with each layout. SASS files are also included with the theme should you prefer to make styling modifications on a sitewide basis.


The Basic Build WordPress theme, powered by WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and Font Awesome, is easy to use.

The included ACF JSON file builds the options, so no extra coding is required. Additional options are available on a global options settings page.

Developing with the Basic Build WordPress Theme

Using the BasicBuild WordPress theme makes designing web pages easy to build and has cut my development time to at least half. I know my clients have been happier with the turnaround time and even more so with the performance.

So, I have made BasicBuild WordPress theme available to any WordPress developer, WordPress enthusiast, and WordPress wannabees looking to build websites effortlessly (and faster) without sacrificing quality and performance. All you need is WordPress, the Basic Build WordPress theme, and your Advanced Custom Fields Pro account. The Basic Build WordPress theme includes the appropriate ACF export JSON file for importing into your WordPress install, allowing all available options to build that ideal, lightweight WordPress website.

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Contact me with questions. I will typically respond within one business day. Thank you!