WordPress Editor Video Tutorial

WordPress Editor Video Tutorial

This tutorial video reviews the buttons and functions in the WordPress editor. The buttons can be used for editing posts, pages, and other content.

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WordPress Editor Video Tutorial

If you know how to use other tools like Microsoft Word, then using WordPress will be no problem. The buttons in the editor allow you to format text by highlighting a word or group of words, then clicking the appropriate button to apply the appropriate style.

WordPress Editor Video Tutorial topics include:

  • Reviews every function in the WordPress editor toolbar.
  • How to style with bold, italic, and strikethrough.
  • Inserting bulleted (un-ordered) or numbered (ordered) lists.
  • Styling text with the blockquote function.
  • Aligning text to the left, center, or right.
  • Creating and editing text links.
  • Using the “More” feature to display excerpts.
  • Using the distraction-free full-screen mode.
  • Show the second row of buttons known as the “Kitchen Sink”.
  • Using the Visual and Text/HTML mode in the WordPress editor.
  • And several other topics