Freelance Website Development & Management Service

Web Considerations is a freelance website development and management services business. Specializing in WordPress development and maintenance so that you can focus on your business while an expert can develop, secure, update and grow your website.

Freelance Website Development.

Striving to achieve lasting impressions for clients delivering highly functional, fast performing, creative solutions on every project. Freelance website design development offered are for anyone looking for a WordPress website.

Freelance Website Management.

Reliable WordPress website management service is a ongoing need for keeping your website running at its best. Relax knowing your website is operating and performing smoothly – exactly what a great website should do.

Build Your Own Website Easily.

Purchase a lightweight WordPress theme that makes building a WordPress website very easy. It works “somewhat” like a page builder providing design and feature options, but without performance issues page builder themes have.

WordPress Management Tasks

Taking care of regular tasks including WordPress core and plugin updates with a specialized system ensuring your WordPress website stays up to date with the most recent versions of all the WordPress components.

WordPress Website Security

Securing your WordPress website data with reliable backups as well as protecting your website with regular security checks. Staying of top of security is critical in helping to prevent hackers harming your website.

WordPress Website Monitoring

You want your website to be available whenever your customers come to visit, so you need to make sure it stays online. By monitoring your WordPress website uptime, we’ll know if your website goes down so we can get it fixed quickly.

Freelance Website Management Service

Having a dedicated website management service allows a wide range of benefits for your business or personal website. A few key benefits of having a specialized website management service includes improved website performance, better SEO visibility, better security, better design, better support & customer service and better website scalability.

Keeping up with WordPress updates can be difficult. Never worry about breaking your website with a WordPress expert supporting your site. Focus on what you do best — running your business — and leave your WordPress management to a WordPress expert.