Monitoring Broken Links

Monitoring Broken Links The internet is always changing, and the practice of monitoring broken links is a key aspect of any reputable website management service. Broken links can negatively impact your website’s traffic, search engine optimization and user experience. Staying on top of broken links is critical for maintaining website quality and more importantly, preventing user frustration.

What is a Broken Link?

Broken links can often be an issue in web design, and they can be a major problem for any website. Simply put, a broken link is a hyperlink that doesn’t work. This could be because the page it was pointing to has been deleted, renamed, or perhaps there is a typo in the URL. In any event, broken links can have negative impacts on a website’s user experience. In addition to a bad user experience, broken links may cause a drop in search engine rankings.

improve the quality of your website by monitoring for broken links.

The Importance of Monitoring Broken Links

As previously mentioned, broken links on a website will hurt SEO rankings and user experience. Any website, regardless of the market, has a lot of competition. The World Wide Web is so over crowded, it can be very difficult to stay ahead of the competition. So even little details like broken links can be bad for search engine results over time. Which means broken links need to be repaired or removed before they become an issue.

As your website continues to grow, it can be a difficult task to keep track of all the links it has on the many website pages your website has. Which is why monitoring broken can help.

Broken Link Monitor Service Broken Link Monitor Service

As part of an ongoing website management, the monitoring broken links service will scan all the website’s links on pages and posts on a regular, scheduled basis. If there are any broken links or unresponsive pages, I will be notified and can address the issue accordingly. All of my WordPress website management services include monitoring broken links.

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