Page Speed and Optimization

Posted on: September 14, 2010

Even with today’s fast broadband connection, page speed optimization is still an important part of web development and most certainly needs to be a part of any website design. It should be considered almost as highly as search engine optimization (SEO).

Speeding up your website is important but not just to the website owner but to anyone who uses the internet. A faster site creates happy users and visitors. Everyone knows that if a website is slow to respond, people will be far less likely to spend time there.

What Makes for poor Page Speed Optimization?

  1. Poor page speed optimization
  2. Bloated code
  3. Large imagery
  4. Poorly written CSS
  5. Bad hosting configurations

Just to name a few…

This is in addition to slower internet connections and older computer that your website visitors may have.

Speed Your Website Up!

We will take a look at your entire website including the HMTL, PHP, CSS and any other applicable code and clean it up taking out white space and outdated technology and formatting make it more search engine friendly.

We will also compress your files and all imagery making it less bloated and heavy usually reducing the file size as high as 50% or more. Lighter page weight equals smaller file size which equals FASTER LOAD TIMES.

As an added bonus, we will look at your hosting configuration and make applicable changes that allow your web server to compress files even further before showing them to your website visitors. It will also “cache” them on the user’s computer so it won’t even have to deliver it across the internet the next time.

A little too technical here? Don’t worry, we will be glad to discuss it further if you give us a shout.