Membership Websites: Expand WordPress

Posted on: August 24, 2012

OK… you have a WordPress website. You have great content and more people are visiting your website and maybe even hanging around longer. But what are some ideas that can help in expanding WordPress to turn those visits into income. One popular method is with site membership websites.

Site Membership Websites

Contact us and ask us how easy it is to setup a new members only website.

Start making a profit from WordPress by first letting us install and configure a site membership websites solution. You can create member groups and decide which members see what content. Charge one price to access all your content or set different prices for different levels of access. With just a little configuration, you can organize new or existing content to:

  • Charge for content — one-time single access and/or multi-level
  • Generate revenue from new and old content
  • Publish new content for members only and “teaser” content for non-members
  • Provide access for podcasts and videos
  • Provide access for downloadable files like images or PDFs
  • Just to list a few

Content Management for Site Membership Websites

Publish your content, images, videos, PDFs and other items just like you would normally. You can even schedule content for future publication and all will be configured for member only access. (Non members will be automatically redirected to a “join now” page).

Subscription Management for Site Membership Websites

Easily manage subscribers using an interface built into the system. Create multiple member groups with different price levels or charge a flat rate fee to access everything. All membership groups and subscription fees are managed directly from WordPress so there is no additional system to log into.

Billing and Payment for Site Membership Websites

Take one-time or recurring payments via your own merchant account or PayPal. The payment system is automatic so recurring payments will continue to generate income until canceled.

Getting Started

If you have some great content, images, podcast and/or videos that you would like to share with others while making a profit, contact us today and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We can design, develop, setup and configure your site membership in little time so you can start making money!