Website Backup Service

A website backup service maintains a copy of all of your website data. What the backup includes depends upon your online backup provider. In general, the more data that’s included in the backup, the better.

This is especially true if your website runs on a content management system like WordPress, where you will want to include of your site’s files, content, media, and databases to get it up and running again should disaster strike.

Investing in regular backups is an important process to help protect your website. If something bad happens, you’ll have to recreate important data before the unfortunate event occurred. A website backup service can restore your website from the latest backup.

How Often Should a Website Backup Service Occur?

A good website backup service will provide website backups on a regular basis. The best case scenario is either daily or weekly. The more often, the better. But it really depends on how often website changes occur. For example, if you only publish one blog post per week and there are no other changes, a weekly backup will suffice. However, if changes occur more often, a daily backup would be more appropriate.

Why You Need a Website Backup Service.

Website Backup Service Backing up your website is the only way to make sure you are protected from losing all the time and effort you’ve put into building and maintaining your website. Losing your website can have big consequences.

If you have to rebuild your website from scratch, all the time, effort, and cost involved in creating it will be wiped out. That is a huge deal! If your website had a lot of content or active blog with user input, you may not be able to recreate all of the content you worked so hard on. Parts of the website could be gone for good.

More Information

As part of regular, scheduled services, I will backup your website on a regular basis – either daily or weekly depending on your needs. Backing up your website is only a small part of the services offered. Find out more about the website management services offered.

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