WordPress 3.7.1 with Automatic Updates

Posted on: November 8, 2013

One of the best (and our personal favorite of all) blogging and content management system platforms, WordPress, has recently been updated with a new version. WordPress 3.7.1 is out and has new benefits and features including automatic updates.

Towards the end of October, WordPress 3.7 was released. (As a side note, it was code-named “Basie” after jazz pianist Count Basie).  Then just a few days later, WordPress 3.7.1 was released on October 29th, 2013.

As with countless others, we at Web Considerations are excited about the latest version as it does provide many new features that will be of great benefit to all: including users, WordPress developers and WordPress theme designers.

The most notable of the benefits include: automatic background updates, a stronger password meter, an improved search function and improved language support. To give you an idea of what these benefits provide, check out the summary below.

WordPress 3.7.1 Automatic Updates

With WordPress 3.7 (and later versions), updates will silently be processed in the background… automatically.  That’s is a huge improvement since WordPress website owners can now spend less time worrying about crucial maintenance and critical security updates and spend more time blogging and/or managing day to day content.

This “may” be a concern for some users and website managers who worry about an automatic update breaking their website – due to a possible conflict with a plugin that is in use. If are one of those who do have a concern, keep in mind that the WordPress development team tested this automatic update feature across thousands of sites before rolling it out and are confident that it will work without problems.

You can turn off automatic updates if you’re not really sure about jumping into this process just yet. Or, if you prefer, you can also set the automatic process to accept only minor updates and not the core of WordPress. Unfortunately, these options cannot be done in your WordPress admin panel but rather in your WordPress configuration file.

Stronger Password Meter

Way too many people are guilty of creating passwords that are extremely weak and are simply too lazy to create strong ones. With this new WordPress 3.7.1 version, the development team improved the password strength meter so it recognizes passwords that are too common and potentially fatal such as birthdays, names, obvious keyboard patterns, and etc.

The new password meter will prompt you to create a more secure password if it deems your selection to be a little too weak. Until that unforeseen day when passwords are phased out for a better security system that’s 100% hack-proof, there is no other option than to use a password, so make your password as strong as possible.

There are also other steps you can take in securing WordPress.

Improved Search

The default search engine built into WordPress 3.7.1 has been improved with the latest update. Before, WordPress listed search results according to the date of posts and pages. Now, search results will be listed according to importance and relevance of the search term.  Search terms as well as full sentences in post titles and post content will now turn up in the results pages. Specifically, the new priority for displaying search results is:

1. Full sentence matches in post titles.
2. All search terms in post titles.
3. Any search terms in post titles.
4. Full sentence matches in post content.

Certainly, this will help visitors navigate around your site with greater ease as they will get the closest match of whatever term or phrase they searched.  Sites with more content will stand to benefit the most as older content will receive the same chance of a top listing as newer content since the search engine no longer prioritizes by date.

Improved Language Support

WordPress 3.7.1 improves localization by providing more comprehensive language files than previously. Additional language updates will continue to follow as automatic background upgrades continue to occur.  As a result, with this improved language support, WordPress will likely become more user-friendly to non-English-speaking user all over the world.

Need Help with WordPress 3.7.1?

If you have any questions about how to upgrade your WordPress website to latest version, or if you have questions about how to disable automatic updates, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help.