WordPress Training

WordPress Training

Do you have a WordPress website or are looking to get one? Learn how to manage it effectively and efficiently with the proper WordPress training.

We offer everything you need to get a WordPress website up and running on the web and now we offer you all the tools you need to learn how to manage it yourself. One of the most beneficial aspects of WordPress is that it provides you the ability to manage your website without having to know anything about website design. There is a learning curve involved but with the proper WordPress training, you too can keep it up and running like a WordPress pro. Stop paying someone else to do the things you can learn to do yourself.

There are two WordPress training options below: video tutorials and live online. Pick the one that works best for you or take advantage of both to get the best of both worlds.

WordPress Video TutorialsWordPress Training – Videos

A client member of the website can gain access to a 20-part series of videos that cover all the basics of how to use WordPress, plus a little more. Viewing the videos in order will help make the most of your learning experience since each video continues with concepts discussed in the previous videos.

WordPress Training Live OnlineWordPress Training – Live

Unlike a pre-recorded WordPress video or other training programs, we will answer questions specific to your WordPress needs. With WordPress Live Online Training, we will work you directly and privately in a shared screen environment covering the topics you want to learn.

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If you have any questions about our online training or on how to gain access to our WordPress training videos in the client members only section, please feel free to contact us – we will be glad to help.