What is Missing in Your WordPress Management Support Services

There is a difference between “fix it when it breaks” and fully supporting your website so it succeeds. At Web Considerations, the difference is clear.

Offering WordPress management support services that keep websites performing at their full potential.

WordPress Management and Support Services Make Running Your Website Easy

Managing a website can get complicated. Updates to themes, WordPress, or plugins require constant attention. Monitoring a WordPress site’s security, uptime, or site speeds takes time. And the risk of breaking the site through incompatible updates causes stress.

A proactive WordPress expert is here to support your website so it can support you. WordPress management services keep websites performing at their full potential. We take care of all the technical aspects of website management, including security, backups, plugin management, and core software updates, so you can focus on other needs.

Reach out and let’s work together to improve your website

WordPress Core Protection

A WordPress expert performs weekly backups and handles all WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates so your site is always functional and secure. They’ll ensure all updates and compatibility requirements are met and your site is at the top of its game.

website management service

WordPress website management service

WordPress Core Protection Plus

Like the WordPress Core Protection, the Plus plan includes weekly backups, updating the WordPress core, theme and plugins. But it also includes performance monitoring for your website as well as monitoring for malware. Hourly discounts on remediation services.

Website Management Retainer

Fully supporting your website so your website can support you.

Take your website management service a step further by purchasing a website management retainer

I talk to businesses often who tell me they have a website, but not the time or skill to keep it up to date. Often resulting in neglected WordPress core and plugin updates, backups, etc. Even worse, their website suffers hacks because of this. The WordPress website management services offered will address all those concerns and more.

Keep in mind, an ongoing website management service ensures that your website is secure, up to date and running smoothly. Each website has its own specific needs. That’s why a website management service can be tailored to fit those needs.

The website management retainer includes everything to keep your website running smoothly

  • Backups
  • Site customizations
  • Functionality enhancements
  • Content changes
  • Image optimization
  • SEO improvements
  • Code changes/fixes
  • Website performance improvements
  • Website design modifications
  • pretty much anything related to your website