WordPress Website Management Service

Weekly Backups, Updates & More

A reliable website management service is a ongoing need for keeping your website running at its best. One low monthly fee for weekly services, covers  the items listed below. Relax and kick back knowing your website is operating and performing smoothly – exactly what a great website should do.

Get 2 months FREE with annual purchase

Price is only $50 a month.

Maintain & Secure

Taking care of regular weekly tasks with my own system providing updates for your websites. Securing your data with reliable backups and protecting your website with regular security checks.

Monitor & Benchmark

Staying on top of things by monitoring your website for uptime, SEO ranking for key phrases, website speed and performance checks.


I take your client care to a new level by providing monthly reports and recommendations.

You Decide What Website Management is Best

Different website owners have different needs. You may have a website and may even have our WordPress management services to keep everything up to date. But what about other important factors pertaining to your website’s functionality and performance.

To help with that decision, I offer competitive “hourly” and “retainer service” rates. You decide what works best for you. You get the same fast and friendly service regardless.

Take every advantage with either of the website management plans covering basically everything related to your website.

Website Management Service Plans

Take your website management service a step further by purchasing a website management plan.

I talk to businesses often who tell me they have a website, but not the time or skill to keep it up to date. Often resulting in neglected WordPress core and plugin updates, backups, etc. Even worse, their website suffers hacks because of this. The WordPress website management services offered will address all those concerns and more.

Keep in mind, an ongoing website management service ensures that your website is secure, up to date and running smoothly. Each website has its own specific needs. That’s why a website management service can be tailored to fit those needs.


The website management plans include, but not limited to:

  • Backups
  • Site customizations
  • Functionality enhancements
  • Content changes
  • Image optimization
  • SEO improvements
  • Code changes/fixes
  • Website performance improvements
  • Website design modifications
  • and more.