Regular Malware Scans

Regular Malware Scans Performing regular malware scans can help prevent malicious software and code attacks that cause harmful damage for any website. Attack types can include account takeovers, database tampering, and stealing important data. Malicious attacks can cause other forms of havoc including file lock ups, spam ads, slowing down your computer, or redirection to malicious websites.

A regular malware scan service enables businesses to stay ahead of the challenges malware causes. Through regular malware scans of websites, you can detect and remove malware before anything catastrophic happens.

What is included in Regular Malware Scans?

A website malware scanners is a tool that will scan a website for any type of malware including spyware, ransomware, viruses, trojan horses, worms, adware,  and so on. It will look for and report on infected files, malicious codes, and other vulnerabilities, suspicious activities, and etc.

A regular malware scan service performs security checks on all of your websites on a scheduled basis detecting existing malware. A report will be generated for action so that issues can be resolved quickly.

In the aftermath of an attack, understanding how a website became infected can be difficult. Understanding the benefits of regular malware scans will only help.

Malware Scan Benefits

Regular Malware Scan Benefits A website malware scanner will thoroughly analyze your website for malware to identify malware and suspicious activities. Providing a huge advantage in removing the malware proactively and keeping your website safe.

  1. Increase visitor trust
  2. Protect databases from harmful injections
  3. Stop unwanted ads
  4. Gain visibility into website changes
  5. And more

As part of scheduled services, I will perform malware scans your website on a regular basis – either daily or weekly, depending on your needs. The website management services not only includes regular malware scans but other services such as scheduled backups and more. Understanding the benefits of website management will provide even more information.

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