WordPress Management Services Blog

The WordPress management services blog discusses services offered, including items such as providing technical support, installing WordPress core and plugin updates, maintaining the WordPress database, monitoring & optimizing WordPress performance, WordPress website backups, security monitoring, and more!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a highly favored content management system (CMS) among many different CMS platforms. It is also known as a website builder that allows users to start their own blog, develop and manage personal or professional websites. You can even sell products online. It allows anyone, even those with limited to no web design experience, […]

Improve Website Google Rankings

While most people know that you can improve Google website rankings by having a good SEO (search engine optimization) campaign, there are other steps completed to highly compliment a SEO program. Keep in mind, these steps are in addition to SEO not instead of. If a SEO campaign is outside of your budget, implementing these […]

Monitoring Broken Links

The internet is always changing, and the practice of monitoring broken links is a key aspect of any reputable website management service. Broken links can negatively impact your website’s traffic, search engine optimization and user experience. Staying on top of broken links is critical for maintaining website quality and more importantly, preventing user frustration. What […]

Monitoring Website Uptime

Monitoring website uptime is a crucial part of any website management service. This is especially true if your website is responsible for generating income. If it isn’t accessible, all the costs, work, and effort put into getting the site up and running will be of no use. By monitoring uptime, you can stay on top […]

Monitoring Website Performance

Monitoring website performance is a vital part of managing a successful website. In today’s world, everything is becoming increasingly fast paced. That is even more true when it comes to the internet. A website user expects websites to deliver what they are looking for as quick as possible. If not immediately. Even Google has stated, […]

Benefits of Website Management

OK, you have a website for your business. But are you getting all the possible benefits from it? Understanding the benefits of website management is crucial to help grow your business. In history, business owners realized that having a website for their businesses would help promote their brand and grow their customer base. So it […]

Keep WordPress Websites Updated

To keep a WordPress website updated, regardless of size and what was used to build it is very important. Whether it was built using WordPress or any content management system, it is critical to keep your website updated. In a world of ever changing technology, to keep WordPress websites updated is crucial for better performance […]

Regular Malware Scans

Performing regular malware scans can help prevent malicious software and code attacks that cause harmful damage for any website. Attack types can include account takeovers, database tampering, and stealing important data. Malicious attacks can cause other forms of havoc including file lock ups, spam ads, slowing down your computer, or redirection to malicious websites. A […]

Website Backup Service

A website backup service maintains a copy of all of your website data. What the backup includes depends upon your online backup provider. In general, the more data that’s included in the backup, the better. This is especially true if your website runs on a content management system like WordPress, where you will want to include […]