Your Domain Name Email

Posted on: May 23, 2013

There are certainly some advantages of using your domain name email as opposed to using one provided by a particular Internet Service Provider (a.k.a. ISP). Your email address is a valuable marketing tool for your business. Make it work for you – not for Google, Comcast, or Yahoo.

Now days it is, more often than not, a customer expectation that your business will have a domain name and website. An email address such as [email protected] will let your customers know you are a business person with an online presence ( where they can easily find you. The words that come after the @ symbol make an important statement about your business and how your customers see you.

Advantages of having your own domain name email include:

  1. Name Recognition & Branding – By using your domain name email, you are promoting your company with every message you send. The more often they see your company name, the more they’ll think of it and the easier it will be for them to remember you and your business.
  2. Customer Trust – Consistent marketing builds trust as much as meeting your customers’ expectations on a consistent basis. They expect to see your domain name after the @ symbol in the email. It makes more of a professional statement and that you operate an established business. Considerably more so that using a ISP business name for email.
  3. Easy to Find You Online – Customers can type in the domain part of your email address (the part that comes after the @ symbol) to find you online. If your email says or at the end, prospective clients cannot find you as easily. If they cannot find you, they can’t buy from you or use your services.
  4. You Own Your Email Address, Not Your ISPs – Your email address stays with you and is yours. You don’t have to change it if you move which may require you to change your Internet Service Provider.
  5. Save Money on Marketing Materials – You won’t need to reprint your business cards, letterhead, signage or other marketing materials if you move or change ISPs. You own the email address and it goes where you go.

We are sure there are other benefits of having your domain name email but those listed certainly highlight some of the greater advantages. If you are interested in obtaining your domain name email, all you need is a hosting service to get started.

You can obtain a hosting service from Web Considerations for as little as $72.00 per year and will be provided with multiple email accounts with your domain name. See our services pricing page for more details.

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